Values based leadership.

Our Values

At Phillips, we underpin our business by the same values our founding family lives by. These are values drive they way we do business, why we do things, and we don’t choose to do others. It goes without saying that we expect high standards from ourselves… and so should you. 

Doing right by others

We believe in doing right by our customer and finding the BEST solution for their needs. In that way, we are always looking to find a solution which maximizes the value and impact for a customer.

In short, we believe in treating our customers as we would like to be treated; like part of the family. 

Being Reliable

Everyone needs someone in their corner. When it comes to looking after your family, your assets, and the things you value the most, that someone needs to be someone you trust. 

We start by answering the phone with a human voice, and follow by meeting our commitments, being on time for appointments, and being communicative in all we do.  

Delivering Excellence

In the daily activities on of our work, we strive towards outstanding workmanship. We invest in continuing education and training to stay on top changes in our industry, and participate in our community. 

We seek feedback so that we may continually work on areas in which we can improve.